Hallway decoration ideas. Decorating a large room.

Hallway Decoration Ideas

hallway decoration ideas

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  • an interior passage or corridor onto which rooms open; "the elevators were at the end of the hall"

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A hand sewn, embroidered fabric name tag from linen blend

A hand sewn, embroidered fabric name tag from linen blend

This project combines all my favourite crafts: stamping, embroidery, sewing all in one. I have a mind to make more of these perhaps with texts like summer, winter, mittens, hats to label clothes in storage and little hampers in the hallway.

The ribbon I cut from a t-shirt, many of which have a ribbon to keep them on hangers in the store, but I keep most clothes folded at home and reuse the ribbons elsewhere.

The dress form is stamped with regular Versacolor ink and maschine washed in 40 degrees as a part of a test I made with dye and pigment inks from different manufacturers. Some colors survived, others didn't. Sadly I didn't write down the inks I tested, now I have no idea which are the ones that survived.

Sales stands

Sales stands

Hehe... Great idea. They've built those little houses for some of the sales stands in the big hallway. :)

I guess most of the people don't really notice the decoration, they're stressed out and hurrying by to get some presents in the last minute. I took this picture 5 times and it just got crowded more and more each time!

hallway decoration ideas

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